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There is no denying that the grille is the face of the truck, upgrading the outlook and performance of your vehicle. While as one of the most popular truck types, F150 modes earn a large proposition in the truck market, meaning there is great demand for changing appearance.

However, shop for an ideal grille is stressful, and anxious for your mind is always overwhelmed with a lot of questions. We have the same feeling as you because we also spend a lot of time searching the best truck grille. so we’ve put together this quick guide and try to do some help in finding the best Ford F150 grill for popular modes.

Before you search online and start shopping, here are some factors you need to think about and lets us look at them one by one.


The functions of the F150 grill

When we talk about vehicles, most of us focus on the vehicle style, engine performance, and even gas mileage, but the truck grill is often neglected. When it comes to grille functions, there is so much we need to talk about.
First of all, an aggressive grill enhances the look of your truck. As a tremendous way to show your style, the F150 grill will refresh your truck and show your passion for life. Meanwhile, an amazing grill will earn the head turns of passersby and makes your F150 stand out in the street.

Secondly, a fabulous truck grille allows your truck has a better performance. Cooling down is very important to vehicles especially to the big truck that determines the lifespan of the motor. A Wonderful grille with a honeycomb design allows the air to move into the engine part, taking away heat and helping cool the radiator and engine to prevent overheating.

Last but not the least, a sturdy F150 grill can keep your truck's front preserved in case of a slight accident. When your vehicle running off the road, the grille can keep the debris and cobble away and prevent it from getting inside. Meanwhile, when the truck endures slightly compact, truck grille is strong enough to keep the front perfect.


Different Types of Grill Materials

ABS material: With good performance of anti-rust, the truck grille is often made with ABS material with mesh woven style. That is to offer best ventilation and protect your engine and have your own style. Beside, the strong grill will not dent or damaged when attacked by flying stones. As an ideal material for grilles, ABS material stands out due to its lightweight and durability. Moreover, one of the advantages of wove style is decoration. The aluminum wove can be decorated with beautiful decoration like diamond which is very common in a luxury vehicle and is very popular among aftermarkets.

FRP:The FRP has very obvious specification like high plasticity, however, it is lack of resistance. Plus, it will accelerate aging in a high-temperature environment.

Carbon fiber material:Although carbon fiber material is easy to break, it is very hard actually. However, it is prone to react with chemicals, that’s the result it unpractical.

Metal grill:Metal grill is a grill that combines sturdy and style into one, making it quite popular aftermarket. But, since the metal is recyclable and the workmanship is complex, the price of the metal grille is quite high.


Accessories That Help

The accessories are not only pieces of decoration, but also a helper that lets air pass through the radiator and reduce the impact to your car.
With only one accessory, you can get multiple functions. So check the parcel list when you choosing the grill.


Raptor Style Grille for Ford F150 2018 2019 2020 with Turning Lights


  • 2018-2020 F150 grill.
  • 100% replacement of factory F150 grill.
  • Durable ABS material.
  • Easy to install.

Why I choose it: There is no doubt that I choose this 2018-2020 ford f150 grill because of its excellent appearance as well as attractive functions.

This ford F150 raptor grill will replace your boring plastic grille with aggressive and bold appearance. Plus, three amber lights make your F150 visible at night.

Moreover, there are turning lights on both sides, the bright lights can ensure your safety on-road or off-road. One of the most important factors that can test a good grill is its durability. Constructed with excellent ABS material, the grille gives the grille excellent durability.


2009-2014 Ford F150 Grill Ford Front Raptor Grill



  • Compatible with 2009-2014 F150
  • Raptor style and aggressive look.
  • Matte black look.


Why I choose it: As a 2009-2014 F150 grill replacement, This F150 raptor grill quickly ranks top due to its cheap price and cool style. Compatible with 2014 f150 grill, 2013 f150 grill, 2012 f150 grill, 2011 ford f150 grill and 2009 ford f150 grill, this front grill coves the most popular modes of F150.

Besides, drivers can quickly fresh the outlook of grill by slight steps. Quality ABS constructions ensure long-time use that can anti-aging and little impact. What makes me love it most is that this ford f150 grill comes with letters, so you don’t bother to buy another one.


Ford Raptor Grill for Ford F150 2004-2008



  • 2004-2008 F150 grill.
  • Robust ABS construction.
  • No drilling is required.

Why I choose it: This front grill is a good selection for 2004-2008 F150 grill on Amazon and you can excellent alternative your front appearance and change the look of your vehicle. After servicing your F150 for many years, the factory grill has become old fashion and out of date.

Giving your truck a new front grill and you will see the great changes. Robust construction shows off its strength and can withstand slight crush. ABS material together with honeycomb design providing your truck better ventilation. The led lights are waterproof and improve visibility at night. Matte black makes your front luxury and the coming RF letters complete the whole look.


Motorium Front Grill Replacement for F150 2015-2017, Raptor Style Grille



  • Fitment for 2015-2017 F150 raptor style.
  • Parcel include crossboard and amber lights.
  • Aggressive outlook grill.

Why I choose it: Take off the old factory grill and stand out on the road with our F150 grill for 2015-2017 various modes like XL, XLT, LARIAT, Raptor, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited.

ABS material earns its great reputation with not corrode, rust or delaminate, and your grille will withstand the test of time.Design with DDD logo, the whole grill covers with matte black outlook that makes the look luxury and fashionable.Moreover, the parcel comes with a set of matte black letter for the whole match. And installation is a piece of cake for pre-drilled holes are 100% match your old grill. 

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