Best Kayak Rack for Car & Truck Kayak Storage Rack


  • This kayak rack for car is made of 1.5mm thick steel pipe with long service life, and it comes with four belts, which can accommodate a canoe of 36 inches wide and up to 150 pounds. The surface of this kayak rack is coated with a high-quality smooth paint, which can resist all weather conditions.
  • Foam pads and rubber covers are made of genuine rubber and foam. They are non-slip, waterproof, and sun proof.
  • The design of the indented tube is very solid, stable, and the pre-drilled holes can achieve perfect alignment.
  • Quickly open/close the hardware to ensure quick installation and removal. It can be widely used in any style of crossbar like oval, square, round, or blade type.
  • It can fix up to the 8-foot-long kayak, canoe, 250lb tested, easy, and safe transportation.