Ford F150 Raptor Grill For 2018 2019 2020 Ford F150

Matte black
This F150 raptor grill is 100% compatible with 2018-2020 F150 grill.

2018 f150 grill replacement grill

  • This raptor style F150 grill fits for Ford F150 2018 2019 2020. This one doesn't have sensor and letters. If your truck has a front camera, this front grill will not fit.
  • Raptor style grille enhances the appearance of the F150 and gives your F150 a new aggressive look. The built-in driving lights add dynamic style to your truck makes it quite attractive and eye-catching.
  • This 2018-2020 f150 grille made from high-quality ABS material. The ABS material has excellent durability and strength, which is strong enough to withstand a slight impact. Meanwhile, the 2020 f150 grill can protect your radiator from debris while on or  off road.
  • At the same time, the honeycomb grille design can accelerate cooling process and effectively protect your vehicle from debris. Whether on-road or off-road. the perforated design can maximize the airflow for better cooling performance.
  • Amber driving lights and white DRL add safety and visibility to the F-150's driving lights.
  • This F150 grill can 100% replace your factory grille, it exactly matches the original mounting hole, and you can replace your old truck grille with the original mounting holes. It is 2018 f150 raptor grill,  2019 ford f150 grill, 2020 f150 grill.

  • 1* black front grill
  • 3* amber LED lights
  • Truning signal lights
  • Necessary wire harness