For 2009-2014 F150 Headlights Black Led Projector Headlights with Amber Lights


The rugged high-quality 2009-2014 F150 headlight can not only upgrade your vehicle to a new level but also improve brightness and function. The ford f150 led headlights have been shown that projector headlights emit more uniform light, increasing visibility to the destination without causing other drivers to shade.

  • This led headlight is designed for 2009-2014 Ford F150 headlights, only compatible with Halogen Headlights without Projector
  • Parcel comes with 1 X Pair of Headlights (Left & Right)
  • Clear lens with black housing, the F150 headlights have a classic styling.
  • Built-in 3D LED DRL (Daytime Running Light)
  • Three layers of coating can resist oil, ultraviolet, and weather of vehicles every day.
  • Install without rewiring. Just plug the factory harness into the plug of the light and start the installation. Simple and easy.
  • We will test the suitability of each product to ensure that our design is 100% compatible with your vehicle OEM accessories and features while maintaining bolt on direct replacement.