Bed Sheets – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I judge the quality of sheets?

In addition to color and pattern, thread counts, type of fabric, and colorfastness should also be within consideration. These are the basic standards of quality bed sheets.

What is thread count?

Bed linen is woven by the horizontal and vertical lines. The definition of thread count is the number of lines per square inch. Usually, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. With the increase in washing and use, the sheet sets will be softer.

What is the best thread count for sheets?

Common thread count sheets are between 200-600, fitted bed sheets over 1000 Thread count are of high quality and comfortable. 1800 sheets belong to high thread count sheets.

What is the type of bed sheet fabrics?

You can find microfiber sheets, linen sheets, satin sheets, jersey sheets, silk sheets, fleece sheets, cotton, polyester, and bamboo bed sheets. Most bed sheet covers are made of cotton and polyester. 100 cotton sheets and bamboo sheets are currently more popular and loved by people. Of course, many people prefer silk satin sheets and flannel sheets.

Should I get deep pocket sheets?

A deep pocket sheet means it can fit a mattress between 13 and 17 inches. While the extra deep pocket sheets are suitable for depth between 18 and 25 inches. If your mattress is not high, there is no need to buy a deep pocket sheet.

What is the Flat sheet & Fitted sheet?

The bed sheet sets include a flat sheet, Fitted sheet, and pillowcase. The flat sheet avoids direct contact with the body and quilt and is used as a top sheet. The fitted sheet is more like a mattress cover with an elastic edge.

How to choose the size of the sheets?

The size of the sheet is determined by the mattress. All of these sizes can be found at the market, twin sheets, twin xl sheets, full size sheets, queen bed sheets, king size sheets, california king sheets.

How many color sheets doyouhave?

Our luxury bed sheets contain common colors, for example white bed sheets, black bed sheets, grey bed sheets. Also, you can choose these rare colors sheets, like green sheets, yellow sheets, purple sheets, red, blue, apricot, and more.