Comforter & Duvet-FAQ

The difference between Comforter & Duvet?

Comforter and Duvet have similar functions, but different filling materials. Duvet filler is down, wool, feather, or synthetic fibers, a duvet is a type of bedding. To better protect the duvet insert and keep it clean, it needs a duvet cover.

A comforter looks like a thick, quilted, fluffy blanket filled with synthetic batting or fibers. It can be used on a flat sheet and does not need a quilt cover.

How much fill power of comforter duvet is best?

In addition to the filling material, the fill power largely determines the insulation ability of the down comforter. In short, The higher the fill power, the better the insulation ability.

The fill power between 500 and 600 is good for people living in warm areas where the temperature is usually above freezing. It is great for all season to use.

The 600-700 fill power belongs to high quality comforters and is great to keep the warmth.

If you live in a chilly climate, then fill Power of 700+ is suitable you. These down comforters are the of most outstanding quality.

Types of duvet covers

Like bed sheets, quilt covers are in direct contact with the skin. So there are kinds of duvet covers in the listing. Such as linen duvet cover, cotton duvet cover, velvet duvet cover, bamboo duvet cover, silk duvet cover, satin duvet cover, and so on.

Not only the solid color quilt cover, according to your personal preference, but you can also choose the floral duvet covers, Christmas duvet cover, striped duvet covers, plaid duvet cover, embroidered duvet cover, geometric duvet cover, and more modern pattern duvet covers.