The FAQ Questions About the Tonneau Cover Based on Message

1 Is it worth buying a tonneau cover for my truck?

In my opinion, a tonneau cover is a worthy investment as follows.

To begin with, since pickups are often used to hold cargo in the truck bed, a truck bed cover can keep your cargo from being stolen and lost. Plus, with so much cargo loaded up and drive around, it easily makes them in mess. But truck bed cover can keep everything in place and protect them from falling.Second, the truck cover can boost your truck's look and protect your vehicle. The truck cover is a flat cover when close, it can keep your truck look neat and clean. Meanwhile, it is often anti-UV and waterproof that can give your truck bed full protection.

Last but not least, thanks to the aerodynamic design of pickup bed covers, your bed will produce less air force. Hence, it will consume less gas.

2 Soft truck bed covers VS Hard truck bed covers. Which one is better?

Before answer this question, you should think about what you really need. There are so many types of pickup bed covers like Tri-fold tonneau cover, roll-up tonneau cover, or hard-fold tonneau cover.

Here I will list the pros of the soft and hard truck bed cover for your reference.

Pros of soft truck bed cover:

The price is much cheaper
Easy to install and remove.
Easy to store when not in use.

      Pros of hard truck bed cover:

      Waterproof and washable.
      More secure and lockable.
      Durable for long time use.
      Stylish look.

      3 What are the different types of tonneau covers?

      Folding Tonneau Covers. The most popular style of truck bed cover on the market.
      Roll-Up Tonneau Covers.  It can provide partial access to your cargo.
      Retractable tonneau cover. Similar like roll-up tonneau cover.
      Locking Tonneau Covers. With locking setting attached, more secure.