FAQ for Toyota Tacoma Grill

1. What Tacoma grill style should I own?

If you are looking for a Tacoma front grill, there are several Tacoma grilles I think you may like.
First and foremost is Tacoma Trd pro grill. Trust me, Trd pro grill is always the first option for Tacoma enthusiasts. This style will make your front grill looks expensive without breaking your bank. You can customize your amber lights and colors.
The next one is Tacoma raptor grill. Tacoma raptor grill is your coolest choice like all truck raptor grill.  It can add a kind of unique aggressive style to your front end, making your truck awesome.
The last one is the Tacoma honeycomb grill. If you want to spice up your front end but have a limited budget, then you can consider the Tacoma honeycomb grill. The install is very easy for the honeycomb grill.
So buying the Tacoma front end depends on your budget and your love style.

2. Which grille is right For My 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma?

There are three main generation grilles for the Toyota Tacoma. The 1st gen Tacoma grill is for Tacoma 1996-2004.
The 2nd gen Tacoma grill is compatible for 2005-2015, and the 3rd gen Tacoma grill is for 2016-2022. If you are shopping for the 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma grill, you should look for a 2016-2022 Tacoma grill.

3. How to change my Tacoma grille quickly?

When you receive a new Tacoma grill, you should not install it ASAP but pre-install it to ensure that the Tacoma front grill fits your truck model. Because once you install it but it's not fit, the grille may be got dirty in the process, which is not suitable for exchange. Then you should find a Tacoma grille install video on Youtube to get the basic skills. Then please follow the video one by one to install the grille.