Here we listed your doubts about Ford F150 grille replacement

1 Why Should I Replace My Ford F150 Grille?


Actually, there are some benefits to changing F150 grilles. First of all, the front grill is the face of a truck, which can enhance the outlook of a truck. So f150 raptor style grill can improve your truck's appearance and makes your F150 look more aggressive. 

Secondly, a good Ford grill replacement has better performance on cooling down and increasing airflow. Whether you take place of your old 2015 f150 grill or you install a quality 2009 ford f150 grill, you will never regret it because it can improve your truck performance. A sturdy ford f150 grill can protect your engine from overheating and extend the lifespan of the engine. At the same time, it can also keep debris away and withstand a slightly crash.

Lastly, in some stores, buyers can customize their front grill and has their unique style to express their own life style.


2 Is It Difficult to Change My Ford F150 Grill?

Changing the Ford F150 grill is not difficult, and it only takes about half an hour even for the beginner. All of the F150 grill is 100% factory grill replacement, and the holes are pre-holed. You just need to remove the old one and tighten the screws of the new one. There is no modification needed, so please don't worry.

3 How Much Does a Ford F150 Grill Cost?

The price of the Ford F150 grille depends on its material, workmanship, grill style, and performance. Plus, the emblement like the Ford logo is also can decide the price. Most of the grill replacements are made of ABS material which is known for its durability and stability, so it is an ideal material for trucks on-road or off-road. Imysea aims to provide the best quality F150 grilles at the lowest price, the cost of grill replacement is about $200-$500.

4 What Material Is Best for Front Grill Replacement?

The front grille that is mounted on the F150 is the first thing that passers-by pay attention to. The appearance of the Ford F150 grill allows others to judge the taste of the truck owner. There are so many materials for the F150 grille and truck grilles. In my point of view, we recommend you pick ABS material.

ABS( Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is widely applied to most parts of the truck grille replacement. It has unparalleled advantages like lightweight, good cooling performance, and durability. 


5 Why Do the Ford Raptor Grill Has 3 Lights in the Front End?

Actually, there are about 17-20 lights around the Ford F150 body. But of these lights, Amber lights play an important role in safe driving, especially at night. So it is mandatory to have 3 amber lights not only in front of the Ford raptor grill but also in all truck front grills.


6 Is It Worth Upgrading My F150 With A Raptor Grill?


Once you realize the importance of a car grill, you will change your old and poor front grill. The front grill is the face of your F150, and it's the first thing that leaves an impression on people.
A truck passionate loves customizing their vehicle, and when you look around, you will find the raptor grill is the ideal option for your F150.
Although raptor grill is very common in F150, you can't deny that the F150 raport grill can make your vehicle stand out.