These FAQ are picked from customer questions and google

1 Do Roof Racks Cause Damage to My Vehicle?

Answer: Of course not, if you find a proper roof rack that fit your vehicle, it will not cause damage but give you much space for your luggage. But please be careful when you install the pickup truck kayak rack because the wrong installation may cause a scratch.

2 How Will a Truck Cargo Rack Affect Your Vehicle?

Answer: Frankly speaking, add anything to your vehicle may affect fuel consumption. There is no exception for the vehicle rack. The roof rack can add the wind resistance of your car, hence, it may also increase the consumption of fuel. So we strongly recommend you remove the roof rack not only for saving fuel but also for making your rack have a longer use time.

3 Is It Illegal to Drive with a Roof Truck Rack?

Answer: No, it's not illegal. But not knowing the proper way to tie down items may result in the occasion that you may get arrested. Because it's very important to assure that the moving vehicle is secure on the road.

4 Is It Worth to Buy Roof Racks?

Actually, it is well-worthy to buy roof racks. Although it’s not cheap in price, you will get its advantage after several times use. With a truck bed ruck, you can hold hundreds of pounds of items without occupied your interior space. The advantage of roof racks can obviously show up when you carry the luggage, kayak, bike, and canoe. Thanks to your roof rack, you can explore the fun of nature without worrying about space.