Best Windshield Wiper Blades For Ford F150 Wiper Blades

  • This is the best windshield wiper blade that special design for F150, the high quality rubber and plate greatly improved efficiency of working.
  • You can drive confidently in any weather with this windshield wiper blades from Autosmake.
  • AAA grade natural rubber scraper can resist cracking caused by heat, cold, windshield water scraper and salt; Quite operation makes you focus on driving the car.
  • Galvanized single-layer steel plate improves the downforce accuracy by 50%, providing you with the best windshield contact, without any gap when the wiper works. It can also prevent rust and corrosion to prolong the service life of wiper blade
  • The zinc alloy base is as stable as the pneumatic baffle. Prevent the blade from falling off when driving at high speed.
  • Fits: 1999-2020 Ford F150
    • 1 x Driver Side Wiper Blade - 22"/20"
      1 x passenger Side Wiper Blade - 22"/20"