Imysea Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kayak


Paddleboarding has been one of the most popular water sports in the world in the past decade. Both professionals and amateurs can enjoy riding the wind and waves. Our Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the best paddle board for beginners. It can take you to experience different adventures, whether in sunny or stormy weather. This stand up paddle board is an all-star when it comes to functionality. Imysea sup paddle boards are used a tool access the water in many different ways. It’s become a way of exploring coastlines, surfing, and racing in the oceans, or lakes. You can also use inflatable paddle board for yoga, fishing, sun boating, or family fun at the beach.

This latest series stand up paddle board is based on white and we provide two optional colors, one is classic blue, and the other is trichromatic with red, yellow, blue. It is full of vitality and flexibility in visual.
As shown in the figure, in addition to the paddleboard with adjustable paddle, we also provide you with a full set of equipment, includes high pressure hand pump, fins, repair kit, drybag, travel package backpack and more.

Why choose our sup board

Don't buy any blow up paddle board if you don't know our sup paddle board model. Different from cheap paddle boards, we are committed to providing well-made high-quality inflatable sup board. From material selection to shape design and color matching, our surf paddle board achieves the ultimate in detail.

As we all know, the board is the most critical part of inflatable paddleboards. We use boat PVC as the protective layer, with anti-UV EVA on the top layer, and the inner layer is made of military-grade drop-stitch fabric. This material can effectively prevent air leakage from weak joints, improve the weakness of the seam crossing between the inflatable stand up boards and the valve, and reduce the risk of valve leakage.

Are you still worried about losing paddles during paddleboarding? We've already figured out a solution for you. There are two D-rings at the edge of the stand board and you can find the velcro strap in the kit, wrapping the buckle belts on the paddles, easy fixing them to the board. Then you can free your hands to float on the sea and enjoy the sunshine bath.

If you think this stand up peddle board has only these functions, then you are wrong. If you want to sit down, the kayak seat is in the kit. Our foldable paddle board offers 4 adjustable aluminum paddle sections to set up the seat. Go on your water journey with the sup paddle board kayak NOW.

The size of the prone paddleboard is 10'' x 30" x 6". The maximum load capacity is 280 pounds.