Voeep Electric Skateboard Mini 4 Shortboard Skateboard

  • More riding fun - The short 27.5" deck and functional fishtail make the Voeep Mini 4 Skate board easier to ride, turn and super portable. Moreover, the introduction of front-end protection technology and the perfect width of the small skateboard make standing up more comfortable.
  • Gain more skills - The compact body combined with great power is great for people who want to gain more skateboarding experience and skills.
  • Great for all ages - The Voeep Mini 4 mini electric skateboard is great because it's easy for commuters to carry on and off the bus. It's small size and performance make it a quality skateboard for cruiser enthusiasts to take everywhere.
  • Cruiser's E Skateboard- With a standard battery range of 8 miles/13km, many lifestyle riders find that the standard equipment of our electric skateboard is more than enough for those looking for speed and portability.
  • Essential Skateboard Accessories - It comes with a Ergonomics remote control, Power Supply Adapter, Charging cable, USB charging cable, Screwdriver, and Manual.
Battery 42V 2AH 10S1P
Max Speed
Motor Power
Endurance 13KM(8miles)
Max load
Board size
PP Deck, PU Wheels