Windshield Wipers Blades 22" Wiper Blade Size for Universal

  • Laser calibration technology is adopted to ensure this wiper blade is closed attach to the curved glass, so it can greatly reduce resistance, noise, and wind. This windshield wiper can directly replace your old wiper, quick and easy.
  • Perfect curvature design, limited to reducing wind resistance, provides excellent performance at high speed. The tension arched steel makes the pressure on the windshield surface evenly distributed, which makes the rubber in good contact with the windscreen wiper thus providing smooth wiping and apparent visual effect without squeaking.
  • This wiper blade is made of natural rubber blended with graphite makes it durable, resistant to heat and ozone deterioration in severe weather conditions, making its service life 30% longer than other brand wipers. The test was carried out by wiping 500000 times continuously in the laboratory without any defects.
  • 22" wiper blade size is fit for most of the vehicle.