How To Choose Sleeper Sofa? Queen Bed Sleeper Sofa VS King Size Sofa Bed

When friends come to visit you, you want to give them a warm and comfortable bed to stay overnight so they can feel your hospitality. However, if your home doesn’t have enough rooms or beds, you may struggle with this. You don’t want your guests to sleep on a poor-quality air bed that’s prone to leaks, nor do you want them to sleep on a  space limited chair with ottoman. So, is there a solution that saves space while providing comfort? The answer is: queen bed sleeper sofa

A queen sofa sleeper is a versatile piece of furniture that doubles as a stylish sofa for you and your family to sit and chat, watch TV, or read during the day. When you need extra sleeping space, you can simply pull out sofa and turn it into a spacious sofa bed for your guests to enjoy a quiet, cozy night. A queen bed sleeper sofa not only adapts to your different needs, but also adds a sense of stylish to your home.

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Queen Bed Sleeper Sofa VS King Size Sofa Bed

 Before we discuss how to buy a queen size sofa, we need to compare Queen Bed Sleeper Sofa VS King Size Sofa Bed. As two common sizes of sofa couch beds on the market, what are their pros and cons? How to choose one according to your family’s needs?

Queen Bed Sleeper Sofa

 Like the queen size bed, the queen size sofa bed measures about 60*80inch. For temporary overnight guests, the queen size sleeper sofa is a perfect solution. It can be used as a small living room sofa, while also accommodating two guests to sleep at the same time. The pros and cons  of sleeper couch queen as follows.


  • Save space: The queen bed couchis a great solution for small apartments or homes with limited space. It can easily be transformed from a couch to a bed, providing a comfortable sleeping area without taking up too much space. Therefore, you don’t need to sacrifice your living space for making a room with bed for your guests. The queen sofa sleeper is both convenient and practical.
  • Accommodates Two Guests: Unlike many twinsofa sleepers, a queen sofa sleeper can easily accommodate two guests at once. So you don’t need to prepare two separate rooms or places, nor do you need to have them crammed into a cot. You can let them sleep soundly in a comfortable queen-sized bed and enhance their bonding and friendship.

  • Flexibility: sofa sleepers are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used as a lounge area during the day and as a bed at night. This makes them ideal for overnight guests or family members. You can always adjust the shape of your sofa sleeper to suit your needs and preferences, adapting them to suit your lifestyle and the occasion. Whether you want a relaxing afternoon tea or a cozy evening gathering, a sofa sleeper can provide you with the right atmosphere and comfort.

  • Value for money: Sofa bed couchare often more cost-effective than buying a sofa and bed at the same time. It’s a great investment for those who want to save money to buy a comfortable sleeping bed. So you have two pieces of furniture just with one price. Not only will you save space in your home, but you’ll save money in your wallet as well.


  • Comfort: Some sofa sleeper couches are designed for comfort, but most sofa sleepers are not comfortable for a long time sleeping. This is because the mattresses of sofa sleepers can not be too thick or too soft to fit the size of the sofa.

  • Durability: The sleeper sofa is prone to wear and tear, especially when it is used often. As time goes on, the mechanism that allows them to transform from a sofa to a bed may break down. Then the sofa bed may work badly including unstable, saggy, or difficult to convert. To extend the life of your sofa couch bed, you should check regularly and maintain their mechanisms to ensure that they work well.

  • Convenience: Sofa sleepers are usually heavy and difficult to move, you find it difficult to set up and take down. Besides, a queen bed sleeper sofa may take up more space when converted into a bed. This may cause some inconvenience in setting up and cleaning your home. 

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King Size Sofa Bed

A king-size sofa bed is the largest standard bed size measuring 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It can provide a spacious sleeping area for your guests, as well as a cozy seating area for your living room. Every coin has two sides, and so does the king size sofa. You should take some factors into consideration before checkout.


  • More space: A king size sofa can accommodate two or more people comfortably, so it is an ideal choice for contemporary overnight guests. Thanks to its 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, the king size sofa provides enough space for most sleepers to stretch out.
  • Enhance your living room: A king size sofa can add a sense of luxury and elegance to your living room, as it is an impressive furniture in your space.You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics to match your decor and personal taste. Some of king size bed couch is designed with storage, which can provide a pretty storage space for family.
  • Easy to maintain: A king size sofa can be easy to use and maintain, as it usually has a simple design to switch between the sofa and the bed modes. You can also find a removable and washable cover to help you keep clean.


  • Expensive: A king size sofa can be very expensive, as it is a high-end and premium sofa bed. So if you are preparing to buy a king size size sofa, that means you spend more on a sofa bed.
  • Space-consuming: Since a king sofa bed is bulk furniture, it usually takes up more space. You need to have enough room in your living room when it is folded and when it is extended. So a king size sofa is not recommended for small or narrow rooms.
  • Difficult to move: Due to the heavy weight and sturdy of this sofa bed, it is heavy and difficult for one person to move. Meanwhile, you may need to ask for help to transport and install the sofa in your home.
To sum up, if you want to choose a large size sofa that is economical and practical, then we recommend you choose a queen bed sleeper sofa. But if you decide to choose a sofa size with more space, I would recommend you to choose a King size sofa bed.

How to choose your ideal queen bed sleeper sofa?


Since queen bed sleeper sofa is more widely used and more practical, in this article,  we mainly discuss about how to choose queen bed sofa couch for your space.
Find the right size
If you need a queen size sofa bed that will keep both you and your guests comfortable and satisfied, take size into consideration at first. How big your living room is? And where you want to put the sofa? So before you buy a sofa, you need to measure where you want to put the sofa. Make sure that you have enough space to unfold the sofa bed so that both you and your guests can stay in comfort.
Test Its Convenience
For a sofa sleeper bed, what determines its practicality is whether it is easy to unfold and unfold. No one wants to buy a sofa bed that is difficult to use. So before buying, it is very important to test its convenience. Our queen sleeper sofa is designed with an advanced mechanism that allows you to easily switch from sofa mode to bed mode in a few minutes. Plus, the tranform system of our sofa bed Our can also provide solid support for the mattress, allowing you and your guests to sleep peacefully and comfortably.
Explore various styles of sleeper sofa queen
Your sofa should not only be comfortable, but also harmonize with the style of your living room. Our queen size sofabed offers a wide variety of styles for you to choose from depending on your preferences and needs. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary, leather or fabric, we have a queen sofa bed for you.
Test for comfort and durability
 Your sofa needs to be able to adapt to your different activities and needs, whether you want to watch a movie with friends or read a book alone, your sofa needs to be able to provide you with a comfortable seating experience.  Our sofa bed will give you a variety of options, you can sit in an extended recliner and enjoy a bit of lazy time, or you can sit in the spacious seating and chat or play games with your friends or family.
Your sofa should also withstand the test of time and be able to maintain its quality and appearance. Our sofas are made with quality materials and craftsmanship that will keep your sofa durable and beautiful, making your sofa the highlight of your living room.


FAQ About Sleeper Sofa Bed

1. Can You Sleep on a Sleeper Sofa Every Night?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. If it is an overnight stay or a short stay, then a sofa bed is no problem because it was originally designed to be used as an occasional bed. However, compared to a professional bed, a sofa bed does not provide long-term comfort and support. If you plan to use your sofa bed every night, then you can choose a high-quality sofa with a comfortable mattress.

2. How to make a sofa sleeper bed more comfortable?

Want to make some adjustments to make your sofa bed even more comfortable? We’ve found some ways to bring you a good night’s sleep.

1. Add a high quality mattress to your sofa bed. A good mattress will provide support for your body and reduce the pressure of the bed on your body, giving you a good sleeping experience.

2. Choose a supportive pillow for your head.

3. Choose the right bedding to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

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