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FAQ about Chair With Ottoman 

An ottoman is a flat, upholstered stool with four legs. Often an ottoman is matched with an armchair to bring extra comfort and relaxation to the tired people when they stretch their bodies. Footrests are smaller in size and provide a place for your feet to rest. Now the footrest has also been given more uses. It can be designed as a hidden storage space to store books, toys, etc.

Actually, it's all based on your personal preference and your space style. If you want the chair set to look more harmonious with the surrounding environment, the ottoman should match the chairs. In most cases, We recommend purchasing a chair with ottoman set.

If the ottoman is placed correctly and does not move easily, then you can use it as an extra chair. That’s why it’s extremely important to place your footrest correctly. If you want to make full use of ottoman then we recommend that you place it on the opposite side of the armchair. Not only is this visually more balanced, but you can sit on both sides.

Normally, the distance between the ottoman and the chair is 12-18 inches. If the person is taller, the distance can be further increased to about 20 inches. If the chair and ottoman are located for the TV and fireplace, the distance from these pieces of furniture should be 24 to 30 inches.